Only 5% of medical graduates are Hispanic
or Latino despite comprising 18% of America.
Only 6% are Black or African-American despite
comprising 13% of America.
- AAMC 2015 Data

Black or African American applicants have
lower medical school acceptance rates (34%)
compared to other races (White, 44%;
Asian, 42%; Hispanic/Latino 42%).
- AAMC 2015 Data

Just 4% of faculty in medical education are
women who identify as Black or African
American, Hispanic or Latino, Native American
or Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian
or Pacific Islander.
- AAMC 2015 Data

Southeast Asians comprise only 5% of
medical school applicants. Southeast
Asians are less likely to apply to medical
school than Black or African Americans or
Hispanic or Latinos.
- AAMC 2016 Data


An Initiative to Improve Diversity in Medical Education (DIME)


What is Our Mission?

Since 2010, PremedHQ has served as a trusted partner to aspiring medical doctors. PremedHQ’s Diversity in Medical Education (DIME) initiative is a free platform connecting premedical college students from underrepresented minorities in medicine, or disadvantaged backgrounds, seeking mentorship with current medical students and medical residents across the country. PremedHQ DIME coaches provide free advice on a variety of important topics including MCAT preparation, GPA improvement, meaningful clinical and nonclinical activities, leadership, personal statement writing, and the general medical school application process.